What a Silly world we live in….

There is so much this therapist absolutely cannot comprehend. I have to think about a professor who one time told me something like  “learning to deal with ambiguity is crucial to becoming confident and resilient” and apparently Freud has said that “neurosis is our inability to tolerate ambiguity”.  Well count me into that group…this therapist suffers from neurosis or maybe it is psychosis!

From all the stuff on the Internet, and there is so much good stuff out there too, there is a large proportion that is utterly disgusting.

Honesty, there are tons of websites that teach people how to cheat, and how to do that without being caught. There are tons of sites that teach people to be a gold digger and to make sure they indeed caught a rich one and there is tons of filth that instructs the third persons what to do so their married love interest (love? ) is going to leave his wife. The Internet is flooded with dirt from the Ashley Madison” to the “Truly Discreet” (discreet?), to “Act like you are single again”, to “Ethical cheating” (WHAT?),  etcetera….

Face book is used to cheat and of course, there are helpful websites “” that will provide you with tips to keep your activities untracked….Thank you “” you make the world a better place.

The Internet has made it very easy to cheat. Online affairs are affairs (see my definition on emotional affairs) often leading to full blown affairs.

I am dealing with people who are devastated after they find out that their partner has cheated on them. How to make sense of people who consciously hurt others, and not just others, but their supposedly loved ones?




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