Post 12 is devoted to what I think is pure madness: “the perkiness of youth” (I could not help myself…what a delightful title!).

The Globe and Mail of Wednesday December 9th, 2015 posted an article titled “New Breast Implant Revives Debate” (Health, L9).

The article contains many silly quotable quotes and this is one of them: “I don’t like something in my body that I don’t know about” (woman, 38). The female in question apparently has breastfed two children and her breasts have lost the “perkiness of youth”.

Dr. Robert Hamas’s invention are implants made of saline “but instead of bouncing around and potentially scalloping or folding, they are as soft as gel” (Globe and Mail, L9).

Those plastic surgeons who don’t worry about the silicone say that the FDA has approved it but that women should get an MRI every other year for life (!), to see if they’re [sic] ruptured because you can’t tell by examining a patient or looking at it [sic, again].

But of course, there is more to this story.

  1. For those who are interested in looking more into the health complications of breast surgery and implants, please read Dr. Nalini Chilkov: “25 reasons not to get breast implants” (you can Google the title). Chilkov does make a distinction between healthy women going for the surgery and breast cancer survivors seeking symmetry. Symmetry is also mentioned by other authors as a reason why women who did not have breast cancer, seek breast surgery while aware of the complications. I like to add that trans females also might want breast implants.
  2. Chilkov asks: what risks are women willing to take just to get bigger boobs” and “why are women so unhappy about their boobs?”. Many state self image and self-esteem! The fact that the 38-year-old mother of two from the news paper is so concerned about what she puts in her body, makes me think that she might eat gluten-free, and organic and maybe goes only to the farmers market to buy her vegies…But when it comes to the looks of her body, all will be justified!
  3. Does it provide you with feeling better about yourself? The answer is NO: it does not make you happier and no, it does not enhance your self esteem and no it does not make your boyfriend or husband happier and no it does not enhance your sex life as it is not the size of your boobs but your CONFIDENCE that does make you feel better about yourself. You do not need to disfigure yourself and you do not have to take health risks to increase your confidence. In fact, implants will always be what they are “implants” and you can feel it and in most cases people can see it. “Breast augmentation is not therapy…” (Kite, Phd & Kite, Phd in Beauty Defined, 2014). One study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that women with breast implants are 73% more likely to commit suicide and other studies have confirmed an increase in suicide after breast augmentation. “Surgery cannot transform a fragile or vulnerable sense of self (Beauty Defines, 2014; Wellisch, in WebMD: Breast Implants: Psychological Affects and Self-Esteem).
  4. “I did it for me”! This is nicely justified but it is not an intrinsic feeling better about yourself, but a believe that if others think (and do they?) that you look better, you should feel better about yourself. Needless to say that the euphoric stage after healing from the surgery does not last.
  5. In one of Oprah’s  web publications it was honestly put forward that women with large breasts attract the attention of others (men). I could say (reluctantly) that that might be a biological imprinted behavior. Do women really want or need that type of attention? Does it really mean anything that men look at you…because you have bigger boobs? Many women with natural big breasts hate this type of attention!!!
  6. Please Google this: Many men report to like big breasts but also many do like small breasts or THEY DO NOT CARE! They care about you and how you feel about yourself and they want you to care about them. Bigger breasts can never make your sex life better…it is your idea that you look better, so you must feel better and you must be sexier as you think you look sexier… Some men reported that after a while they really started to hate the implants (please Google this and read about the responses).
  7. …Please look also at post 4. Some women really look bad afterwards as you can spot their enhanced breasts from miles away…it does not give them any extra in the sense of beauty as beauty is so much more than having large breasts. So, a message to the “third person” Predator-Style (see Post 4): It might get the targeted man’s attention and he might get you in his hotel bed, but your enhanced boobs won’t help you to keep him and when all comes out, he will unceremoniously dump you.
  8. To the mothers who bought youth and perkiness: : So, when your 15-year-old daughter comes to you and says “My boobs are too small” and my belly is too big”, you are going to say “Oh sweetie you are beautiful, just the way you are” …and…she will hate you for it because you are lying….What is that going to do to her self-esteem?

Think about personality, caring for others,  being open minded, being fun to be with…..think about unconditional love…do we know what that really means?

“First do no harm” or “Primum non nocere”(Latin) is similar to the “Hippocratic Oath”, which promises “to abstain from doing harm.” Even though healthcare students are required to be loyal to the principle, this does not mean that certain groups of physicians have a very lenient way of interpreting all the unnecessarily procedures they perform on people (many are female) as “doing good”.

To all who want to have a good laugh, as it is better than crying …please tune in to one of the many infomercials, in particular those provided by the Beverley Hills Plastic Surgery Group. Googling something medical, I stumbled upon this exercise of grandiose narcissistic self-promotion. Thy name is John Layke! Do I need to say more, the man made it an art to use manipulation to talk people (females) down before promising them the easy but unfortunately expensive solution to all your sacking skin problems…Yes you too can be cured of the problem of Crepey skin :)!


(by the way there is only prevention and it is called sunscreen and there is no cure for getting older, nor should there be one)..and by the way what is glaze tanning…an egg white layer you roll yourself in before going into the oven? Oops, should not thread on the rights of the indoor sunbather! Rights or not…do what you please, but it makes you older…..and not looking better…and no, it does not cover your fat! Easy solution for decreasing your fat is to eat less!

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