Megalomania: A delusional state where a person believes that they are superior to others. They may believe themselves to be a god, a famous person or a gifted athlete. They may feel they have great social, political or other powers. It is generally considered a symptom of other manic or paranoid disorders.

  • Delusional belief of superiority
  • Delusions of greatness
  • Delusions about one’s own power
  • Delusions about one’s own importance
  • narcissism
  • Hyperactivity, garrulity (excessive talkativeness, especially on trivial matters)
  • Concentration on own thoughts
  • Frequent change of mood
  • Lack of interest to the opinion of people around
  • Aggression in relation to people around, when not getting what they want

The phase of superiority and “activity” is followed by a stage of anger and aggression and inactivity when not validated by others as seen as deserved by the megalomaniac. Easy to diagnose as megalomaniacs can only hide their “superiority” temporarily. They never take responsibility for failure.

Dangerous in the workplace due to intimidation and sabotage when not receiving what they believe to deserve. Manipulative and therefore it takes a while for the non-initiated to put two and two together.

I know of a woman. She had parents who over-doted her with things and food. She learnt from a young age that all she wanted, she could get and if not, she would start a tantrum. Partly, we can look at the parents, but partly there is some personality stuff that has been overlooked, but mostly we have to look at society.  She knew how to manipulate people. Society seems to admire this! She presented as sex with some veneer. Hard work is not needed when you can easily use sex to catch men…not just some men, but those who have something to offer: money, status, job offers….and their silence….and married, of course…

Society seems to drool over some type of looks (the Kardashian fakes?), is easy to obtain as cosmetic surgery is on offer to all who pay. Cosmetic surgery for the rich and not-so-famous: Another interesting profession and I hope these “professionals” are proud of themselves and the money they so honourably make! The woman acted in the (office) job as if she was the queen (bee). She intimidated, she bullied, she claimed extra money, she needed to travel and have the hotels, the extra bonuses and expenses as if she was entitled to it. How come she thought this? It must have been related to the less than appropriate relationships with her boss(es). Yes, it was sex …the way an unethical boss pays for less than sufficient office staff ! …..The woman never lasted long in any job. She was not qualified, not suitable and lacked the required work ethics. Those bosses…they just dropped her…. and as a reaction, this woman started a scene and came very far in ruining others…with false claims…I pity this woman.

Oh yeah…the woman is real. The story could have been about a man too. It is very similar…intimidation, superficial charm, manipulation, entitlement and the misuse of power….. and an entire horde of horny bees (men and women) after him…Oh My…don’t we love those “heroes”…..Would make a great and very popular reality show…

Who creates this mess? ….and please do not say that this is a rare story…this trash on T.V. is popular and people buy into it….

Another individual (male) with identical symptoms (yes we all know him as he is a politician and daily in the news) became  immensely popular….to such an extent that we are creating hatred…Blaming media? We created media!  We love media and we love gossip, don’t we? …Otherwise how do we explain its popularity and ratings? People love social media…FB and Twitter…Food for the narcissists ! It is the biggest obsession!…People spend hours on the Net during work time… People spend hours on their devices making selfies and sending them to whom?

Do we really think that there is no correlation between what is out there and what infiltrates our homes and work environments in a damaging way?  From a young age onward, kids can become corrupt with the idea that there is something as easy money, looks that pay for themselves and the importance of drawing of attention to themselves….One thing it all has in common: Immediate gratification….it also means that no deep thoughts go into decision making….a recipe for disaster….








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