Back from Boot Camp

It was needed, a break, a real one…away from home and doing new things in a totally different environment. The program is offered to women only and ran from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM mostly. Supper was served at 7:30 PM (or later as some activities started at 7:00 PM). Bed time was early…Music off by 10:00…quietness….just the sound of the beach-waves and the wind.

WIFI was on and off and so whether wanted or not…no work could be done! That was a learning curve for me which caused a little anxiety.

Starting with meditation, followed by a beach walk/run and right after by a cross-training session (Tabata). After that around 9:30 breakfast was followed by an excursion which involved bike riding, swimming (snorkeling) or doing something touristy. At 1:00 lunch and a break until 4:00. During the break we could have a massage, swim in the ocean or do some other type of training. At 4:00 there was Ab & butt work and right after a yoga session. Yoga was quite a high level and a real challenge for those (like me) who are enthusiasts but still beginners.



There were some evening activities optional and I did them all. A healing session with music (traditional instruments, singing, and smoke and incense) and a sweat lodge. The first was a relaxing and silent experience. The latter an interesting one as we were encouraged to chant, to scream and to purge all the negativism from our system.


Healing: The experience to me was one of healing. The combination of challenging my body to the max and to take risks and to be in the moment was opening my mind.



Therapy (talk therapy) works differently as it can be (should be) healing in an individual-one-on-one way, going directly into issues and to explore, analyse and to take different perspectives (re-framing).

Being somewhere away from home with others in a small group does not require opening up as it does not really matter what grief, what pain or what challenges lie ahead of any of us. The meditation sessions involve finding the positives in ourselves and in others and to ward off the negatives.  The philosophy behind yoga and meditation is inconsistent with all the stuff that make us bitter and negative: betrayal, jealousy, bullying, stress, judging others and feeling judged by others.


People attend these type of programs for different reasons, mostly people want to get fitter, loose weight, detox, de-stress and gain new experiences. I wanted the de-stressing and challenging my body with exercise (not loosing weight but to get stronger).

Some are there to look better when they get home. they want to be slimmer, fitter and tanned. That is OK. To others ( like myself), the meditation, yoga and training are not about showing off muscle and a tan (I don’t tan I use 60+) but to find balance and to be more positive when throwing myself back into the work routine.








9 thoughts on “POST 32: BOOT CAMP

    1. No problem sharing!

      The bootcamp (you can also choose yoga camp) that I finally found that had all I wanted is in Tulum Mexico. The organisation is Amansala. It is strenuous but not in a “sick” way such as those bootcamps in which they force people to do things they would never keep up later at home. The food is good and sufficient and for those who want to lose some pounds, it will work. For those on the right weight they will remain the same and just get stronger in all the right places :). It is all women (average age 40) and varying from late 20s to 60s. They all tend to be fit and some more than others. We had some professionals in the group and also some enthusiastic learners. Although called “bikini boot camp”, which turned me off initially, it is not about flaunting bikini bodies, although you may see some of these women. The meditation helped me to be more non-judgmental and to focus on my own health.
      The excursions are fascinating. Yes, I do recommend this one!

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