The naive who hope and believe in loyalty and undying love….


Yep, crushed we are…


Do we ever heal?

It is more like this picture….scars remain and we learn to accept and live with it.

A bit of delusional thinking might help to get over all the shit…There are tons of sloppy cheesy love stories, movies and poems and lyrics…none are real…but after a few glasses of wine….

Some humour….don’t take it away from me…

You did it and so should we…!

13 thoughts on “Post 34: IT SUCKS TO GRIEVE….

  1. Healing is just not the complete and pretty picture we imagine (visualise) when we start purposefully out on this journey. As you say. Scars are permanent reminders of what we survived. I just wish hard work was rewarded with thriving. Still feel like surviving is pretty hard work. Momemts of peace and joy are the ultimate aim for me. Taken for granted before this. And elusive as fuck!

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  2. I think we all can only do the best that we can! There are situations I’ve read about that I honestly think there is no way I could have endured half of that but people do and some come through it wiser, stronger, more self and life aware and they still incredibly manage to be gracious and compassionate. Those people amaze me with their resiliency! I’m grateful that we can be moved through whatever our heart break may be to get to the other side of it but it does require a lot of emotional strength and support!

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  3. I lost my 2nd wife to pulmonary hypertension at 40. I went to counseling in search of some type of emotional relief. I asked the therapist “So, how long before I get over this?”

    His reply: “You NEVER get over it, you just learn to accept it”

    I’m as far from an expert on this topic as you can get, but from my personal experience, it’s more to do with the attitude we muster that directs us to the behavior that supports relief…

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    1. You are right…grieving takes time and not only that, it is what we do during the time. We can sit and remain depressed or make the most of it.
      It will never go away….but the pain you feel at times for the passing of your wife can also be nurtured as it means you have loved.

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