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There are four reasons why Generation Y are unhappy: 1) parenting, 2) technology, 3) impatience, and 4) environment. Listen to Simon Sinek and give your 2-cents.

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My comment:

It is those parents, of course, the young(er) boomers or the X-ers who did it all wrong. True, those parents however, were pushed into “building up self-esteem” by making all kids a winner and all got rewards at assemblies at school. I always had my strong reservations about that! I remember that I one time wrote a critical paper about this “self-esteem” pushing and the inflated self-esteem some young people obtained as a result of this.

But, I do see a huge contributing factor in technology, Simon’s second reason why Millennials are unhappy. However, social media and “the likes” as a measure of worthiness have not just infiltrated their lives but also the lives of their parents as they too are continuously using their smart phone and are huge users of social media.

OK, the solution: Keep all technology away and try to find balance and happiness in the serenity of just being without artificial confirmation that you are worth it.


11 thoughts on “POST 61: GEN Y WORKPLACE

  1. I too listened to his commentary. While I align with much of what he says, I also try to resist broad generalizations when describing any segment of a given population. We have millennial children, and they touch most of these talking points from varying perspectives. Innovation has its detrimental aspects, just as safety was an immensely difficult obstacle to automobile development, social dysfunction will have to adapt to social media. Progress evolves in spite of the negative aspects of its replacement of legacy thoughts and standards. Things will work themselves out over time…

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    1. They do and we are not all bad parents who indulged our children. There is something as values and delayed gratification and although this is partly inborn (temperament), parents have a huge influence on their children when they themselves model patience and humbleness.
      Thank you!


  2. I really have to agree that technology has affected this generation in a profound way. I watch how they relate to others, and it’s all so dependent on electronic means instead of those interpersonal cues our generation learned from in-the-flesh relationships. You are definitely on to something here. – Marty

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    1. True, and it is not just generation Y. It are definitely the X-ers who are buying into all this social media stuff. I often see the flip-side of this so-called progress. People who cannot communicate face-to-face (like you say Marty) and people who have lost all boundaries and do not understand the different meanings (and boundaries) of the various relationships such as being in an intimate relationship, close family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. They are all treated with the same abundance of (unwanted) messages. In the end one of my acquaintances realised: “I have no real friends, or maybe just one”, and this despite all the hours of interaction she has on FB.

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        1. There you have it!
          One friend (yes, she is a friend), prefers text over any other way of communication. Thank goodness, we also booked a weekend at the spa…soaking while talking.

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            1. 🙂 (ha funny, you are fast!)

              I just have to make one confession, I am wearing a tracker, a Christmas gift. So, I am tracking my steps and sleep wearing a fit-bit and looking it up on my phone (I have an older type i-phone with no tracker). I might have to post about this as it is feeding obsessional stepping.

              We have an extreme windchill warning in our province on the prairie (-46 C) today. And still….even those young Y-ers (the tough ones) have made it to Uni. Just like their parents did before them.

              Simon looked at one portion of the population only. Quite a few of those born in the 90s reject the self-indulgence of the ones born 10-15 years before them. They are different. They shop for second hand clothing, go to farmers markets and recycle and they are artistic and very critically involved in politics.

              There is hope!

              Have a great day!

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    1. Great! You wrote a good post!
      It is interesting on the one hand and I am puzzled by it on the other hand: I often observe that the media e.g. columnists writing for some well established national newspapers seem to have this agenda of setting generations up against each other. The boomers are becoming a problem (where is the evidence as many boomers are pretty fit and healthy and very much in tune with life), the Y generation needs a different approach and employers need to be ready…Where is the evidence for this…the request for a different, i.e. more lenient approach has been around already….the X-ers demanded that (day-care and working from home with flex hours).
      My search for scholarly articles on the topic resulted in the finding that all have more in common than not…what has changed is our life due to technology, AI etc. Indeed also due access to education. This means that competition is harder.
      Take care….
      Thanks again!


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