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Please read the articles of which I  pasted the links (below).

It is obvious that companies not only have a responsibility but also a duty to educate and to protect. It is in their best interest, but it goes further than that. Hiring someone with an ill reputation does harm to the entire work environment.

In addition to the non-fraternizing policies that companies are advised to put in place, proper and thorough recruitment procedures can avoid the hiring of someone with an ill reputation.

Of course those who have something to hide and who go for a job interview inform themselves on how to behave during an interview using the superficial “how to spot a liar” websites.  Those who are hiring have a responsibility to do a proper job. Just an interview is hardly adequate. There are assessments that can be used in addition to interviews. See “Employee Recruitment, Selection, and Assessment” Edited by Loanis Nikolaou & Janneke K. Oostrom (2015).

The first website is on recruitment. In particular the last paragraph is of importance. Many people who hire are not doing a thorough background check. 

The second website is about blacklisting liars. Can this be used? How legal is the practice?

The third website is about office policies to prevent inappropriate relationships at work.

I have read and heard of too many stories where inappropriate relationships with a subordinate lead to shattered lives. Too many times those who know stick their head in the sand.

Unfortunately, common sense, leading by example and having a decent amount of integrity is rare in certain environments.

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  1. The third link on relationships in the workplace was very good. It’s such a slippery slope. Employees and management can create whatever boundaries and protections possible, but the potential of harassment (direct and indirect) are still so incredibly dangerous. It’s a veritable landmine. – Marty

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