Thank you “Simplisticinsights” for nominating me for “The Lovely Blog Award”.

I would like to express my thanks for the support and the encouraging responses of all my Blog followers and visitors.

My turn to award 15 Bloggers for The Lovely Blog Award. If you accept, I would like you to tell 7 facts about yourself, nominate maximum 15 people, and tell them that you nominated them.

My nominees:






Falling Ash

LPA Wife

LAA Life After Adultery





St. Elsewhere




Hereby the facts, and I apologise in advance as I am rather boring…

  1. My kids are my life
  2. I do have a tattoo. So, that is out now! It is hidden and it is a healing tattoo, designed by my daughter and skillfully and artistically printed on the insight of my left hip and I enjoyed the feeling of the gentle pain of being tattooed
  3. I love dancing and I am not doing it enough
  4. I like all sorts of music, but less so the country style
  5. I do quite a lot of exercising as it keeps me sane to a certain degree
  6. The biggest compliment I received recently was from a young person in the mall telling me that I looked totally “bad-ass”! I have to say that I did wear some pretty cool boots while doing some shopping in the mall.
  7. I love research, I am a fact checker and proud of it and I follow Blogs on politics

10 thoughts on “POST 67: LOVELY BLOG AWARD

  1. Thank you, E. Like snakes, I am also lazy with regards to these noms, but I, too, appreciate the sentiment and feel quite touched. Tattoo sisters. Mine was a graduation present to myself that I designed. Single line style. Simple. Represents my journey, and my dry, kiwi sense of humour.

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