I am thinking of all the people who did not have a great mom (mum) or dad, regardless of your age.

I am thinking about you when you are biting your tongue and try so hard to be civil and respectful, without faking it too much.

I am thinking about all of you who are broken on the inside and who show a brave face, as some “truths” cannot be revealed.

If father’s day is hard for you, do something sweet for those you love and who love you….



5 thoughts on “POST 73: TO ALL OF YOU WHO….

  1. My Dad beat my Mum on a regular basis. I have a vivid memory of sitting at the top of the stairs crying and hugging my younger brother, listening to our Mum begging him not to hit her again. We must have been about 4 and 2 at the time. Still haunts me now. My father left us when I was 11. I hardly heard from him after that. When he died, aged 64, we never found out for years, because his current wife didn’t even know he had children! That is my experience of a father!

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