The Marriage


22 years of marriage, she said

Two children a girl and a boy

Sacrifice out of love for them

For him no time to enjoy


Years of selfishness from him

And so called innocent flirtation

What was our marriage worth, she asks

Destroyed by demons of temptation


Pretending to be green

The brilliant man’s act of naiveté

Throw in a tempest driven by greed

A decoy, rather than a victim of prey


No, he was not innocent

Years of deception and lies

My parents were at fault, he states

That gave him right to fantasize


After 22 years of marriage…

Blaming parents makes no sense

Protecting ego…insincere

Self-defense and pretense


Can we go on, she asks

I don’t know what to say

Is there love and willingness

And progress since D-day



By Elisabeth

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