Other Woman


There might be 3 kinds of U

The Manipulating Gold Diggers & Liars

The Stupid who pretend to have no clue

The Desperate with unfulfilled desires

pics 8

OW time to wake up!

He IS having sex with his wife and lots

You are heading for a bad breakup

Time to connect the dots!

pics 6

You manipulating liar

Think you can $$$ win

Drama queen fake crier

Karma gets you for your sin

pics 12

To the Desperately Deprived

We know you don’t want this you lie

Your entire being is contrived

Go for cheaters, endless supply

pic 4

The wife is beautiful and smart

He does not want to leave

You are reminiscent of a wet fart

Regardless of what you want to believepics 7

You are all wrong, amoral and mean

Trying to find $$$ at work

Only those with remorse redeem

Not the delusional desperate office clerk

pics 14

Get off your ass and move

Stop the lamenting and blaming

Maybe you can improve

Ending the slut shaming

pics 15

OW, it’s hard to feel sorry for you

Narcissistic, average & lazy

U R not the victims of #MeToo

Your actions drive the good ones crazy

"Till death do us part? Does that mean by natural causes, or would an accident count?"

How can cheaters be so blind

OW R Dx narcissists and sick

Selfish, deceiving & unkind

Rightfully dumped like a hot brick

pics 16

pics 2

Honest loyal people, Yes You!

Leave the trash behind

You can! And will get through

With a healthier state of mind pics 13



16 thoughts on “POST 84: OTHER WOMAN

  1. You know speaking of gold diggers. When I ask the skank why she did it the first time she said it was just lust. Then the next time I talked to her she told me she did it for the money because he gave her a lot, this she just stated I didn’t ask that time. But I don’t believe her – she never had any money, I never seen her with anything new, she was always out of cigarettes and there were times she had no groceries in the house and the neighbors would help her out. So if he did give her anything it wasn’t much. He swears up and down he didn’t do anything for her, take her anywhere or buy her anything. But why would she lie? So I dont know I confuse myself most of the time 😳

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      1. Hi BB,
        I read messages of OW and despite having started with some level of understanding and sympathy, I lost that when reading about women who were clearly focused on a particular target. They were out for gain.
        So, even if this OW was not successful, she probably was aiming to get something out of it.
        Thanks for replying,

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Mmm, thank you I suppose. As you might have seen, I am in general respectful, but sometimes, I need to vent. Using humour might soften it a bit.


        1. Considering the grand scheme of things…meaning Trump, and how many are hurt by the politics, I should be OK.

          Although I cannot help myself seeing correlates; corruption, lack of empathy, manipulation…


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