About this site:  My postings are a combination of general information on the topic of relationships and all that goes wrong too often and research articles on related topics. I am a professional (PhD) in the field of psychology, therapy and research. I write to help others.

  1. Vulnerable relationships
  2. Type of relationships and degree of trouble
  3. Preventing troubles
  4. Connecting
  5. Dis-connection
  6. Re-connecting
  7. Emotional affairs
  8. Porn, the good, the bad and the ugly
  9. Social media
  10. Affairs
  11. Corruption
  12. Personality flaws from the innocent to the very dangerous: the Megalomaniacs and Sociopaths. How to recognise the characteristics and how to weapon yourself
  13. Different types of cheaters: those having the opportunity: money, status and travel,  the selfish (all), the narcissists (quite a group), and those who made a huge mistake and who are often guilty as well as a victim (see gold diggers’ description).
  14. Healing, doing the work (penance) and being HONEST!
  15. Triggers and how to deal with them
  16. Having good physical intimacy (yes SEX with your own partner!)
  17. Understanding how affairs happen in pretty good marriages, but of which at least one partner is the sole-thinker (i.e. being self-centered)
  18. The forgotten part: Our memory is not a data storage system…healing relies upon how we perceive our memories…as narratives that can be helpful but can also create stuckness in a phase of bitterness
  19. The road to recovery and prevention
  20. Thinking about our children and how to ease their pain
  21. Research on the myths of generational differences
  22. Narcissism, Selfies and the Social media users
  23. The DSM-5 and some Diagnoses that are not very well understood.
  24. Similarities PTSD and Post Adultery Trauma and Stress

2 thoughts on “ABOUT THIS SITE

  1. I really like what you have to say, it feels so familiar, it could be my marriage your are writing about. Trying my emotions seems to be tough.Will go for the shorter version

    Liked by 1 person

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